Service Example

Last Updated: Tue Oct 19 2021


Services are chargeable elements in the system (for instance an access service, device, license, etc.). Services represent the individual line items that when bundled together as a package become the offering that is sold (added to accounts).

In this example we will create a new Data Service which can then be added to a package (see the Recurring and One Time Charges Package Example for an example of how to configure services on packages).

For additional details on the fields presented on the Services screen see the Services screen help article.


Sample Configuration

Adding a New Service

  1. Log into the LogiSense Billing application

  2. Click on the Setup menu, on Product Catalog and then Service


  3. The Service screen will load. Click on the (emoji) button to a new service

  4. Fill out the three required fields (required fields will display a red left border). In this example we are setting up a Test Data Service of Service Type ‘Data’ (a recurring charge type) which will be in a Billable service status by default

  5. Click the Save button to create the service


The recurring service can now be added to packages (a product that is sold to accounts).

Setup / Product Catalog / Package / Packages

Next Steps

  • Once services have been created package statuses will need to be setup prior to configuring packages. See the Package Status Configuration Example article for a sample configuration