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Five9 & LogiSense from a CIO's Perspective
In this video Tony Sorensen, CIO at Five9, provides some insight into their relationship with LogiSense and how the billing solution has solved different challenges while growing the business.
Cisco Replaces Zuora With LogiSense
Cisco desired greater autonomy for go-to-market and product changes as well as better automation and consolidation of invoicing systems.
Garmin - Billing and Monetization as Strategic Enabler
The billing experience is expected to match the quality, reliability, and precision of the hardware and software services the customer has come to rely on.
Ribbon Extends its Kandy Services
LogiSense's billing solution enabled Ribbon to scale their business faster, providing them with an agile billing platform to support enterprise pricing and contract configurations.
Vonage Enters B2B Market with LogiSense
Following their recent acquisitions, Vonage was preparing for accelerated growth and investment. LogiSense was tasked with implementing a solution to consolidate all three existing business units.
Viatel Group Reduces Billing Time by 75%
Viatel leverages LogiSense's usage rating and mediation module to bring in usage from over 20 different data sources and consolidates disparate systems.
SimpleSignal Cloud Communications
SimpleSignal is changing the way businesses communicate one customer at a time in their cloud, combining the best voice and video communications technologies while integrating with applications that businesses use every day.
Numerex Creating Agile Growth in the IoT
Numerex implements the LogiSense solution to address the increasing need to progress their business into a more agile environment in order to quickly roll-out innovative offerings and adapt to the explosive growth in the IoT/M2M ecosystem.
Broadsoft and LogiSense Success
Eric Strickland (AVP, Product Management, Broadsoft) discusses how Broadsoft and LogiSense have created an alliance partnership that will fuel channel growth.
Advanced ResNet Services with Apogee
Apogee, the largest provider of on-campus ResNet for institutes of higher education, and is widely recognized as the industry's pioneer.