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Collections Made Simple

Automated Payments

Manage your cash flow more effectively by reducing the time it takes to collect payments and improve visibility into your collections status.
Payments diagram

Late Fees

Automate the charging of late fees based on configurable rules for different customer groups.
Late fee diagram

Personalized Dunning

Recover more revenue from delinquent customers by tailoring the collections process to the customer's specific situation.
Dunning diagram

Escalation Events

Escalate collections scenarios to agents or automate notifications to collections agencies.
Escalation diagram
Payment Collection
Over 120 Gateways Supported for Automated Payment Processing.

Streamline Your Process

Auto Payment Disbursment

Automatically disburse payments received against the oldest outstanding invoice, or manually specify the invoice in which a payment should be applied.

Bill On Demand

Generate bills on demand for ad-hoc customer orders without having to wait for regular invoice delivery cycles.

Contract Enforcement

Automation ensures charges are accurately calculated based on the terms of the agreement, which can prevent underbilling and other errors that can result in revenue leakage.

Self Serve Portal

Allow customers to make payments at their convenience, anytime and from anywhere with internet access.

Having Collections Issues?

Automate your collections process through our payment providers and customize your dunning rules to streamline your accounts payable.