Package Status Example

Last Updated: Tue Oct 19 2021


Package statuses are set on account-packages (active, suspended, etc.). You can create as many package statuses as you require (active, suspended, etc.). The package statuses you create can be configured to be billable or non-billable, meaning recurring charges related to an account-package can be disabled or enabled based on the status that the account-package is set to.

In this example we will create a “Suspended” status that will be “Non-Billable” for billing purposes.

For additional details on the fields presented on the package status screen see the Package Status Screen screen help article.


  • Account package statuses can be setup as needed, there are no prerequisite configuration steps

Sample Configuration

Adding a New Package Status

  1. Log into the LogiSense Billing application

  2. Click on the Setup menu then on Product Catalog and then Package


  3. Click on the Package Status tab

  4. On the Package Status Types screen that loads click the (emoji) button to add a new package status

  5. Fill out the Add Account Package Status Type section as shown below then click the Save button


The newly created package status can now be set on packages.

Setup / Product Catalog / Package / Packages

The default (initial) package status can be set on packages in the product catalog. This status will be automatically populated when adding the package to an account.

Account / Profile / Packages

When you have configured the system to the point where packages can be added to accounts you will be able to change an account-package’s status to the statuses that you have created as well.

Next Steps