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What Can You Connect?

API First

LogiSense's API-first microservices platform uses RESTful APIs. Connect systems, automate business rules, and eliminate manual processes.
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LogiSense's platform supports both manually entered payments and automatic collections. Configure bill runs to collect automatically.
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Data Management

LogiSense's system can transform data and schedule import from a wide variety of data sources and usage feeds.
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LogiSense adds advanced usage-based pricing, rating and charging capabilities and the ability to process high volumes of usage transactions to augment your Salesforce environment.
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Subscribe to LogiSense Billing events to trigger automated workflows powered by workato. Connect to existing systems or update billing data.
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API First Design
Means billing can integrate headless with your existing infrastructure.

Do More With The Tools You Have

Whether it’s your current stomping grounds or a new market, you already have the tools you need to enable revenue—as long as you connect them to the LogiSense platform.

Build a best-in-class PCI-compliant payments system that connects to over 120 credit card or ACH payment services.

Chart showing a best in class billing and payments service bus architecture

Service Bus Architecture

LogiSense billing helps you by integrating with the systems and architecture you already have, helping you do more.

Associate, automate, and facilitate. All made possible by LogiSense's API-first design.

Chart showing a best in class billing and payments service bus architecture

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