API Reference

LogiSense's billing platform is entirely API driven where the full system is exposed as available RESTful APIs. Anything the system is capable of can be called by a 3rd party.

Get started with the basics of authentication, the types of RESTful calls that can be made and how to test your integration.


DataFlows are a way to organize multiple operations in a single transaction. Data flows organize a series of patch calls to create, update, or delete connected data - entities and API calls that are related to each other.


There are various different ways to debug your API calls depending on how you are performing your integration.

API Logging

LogiSense Billing contains tools for testing APIs. All API requests are logged within the system for inspection and debugging.

DataFlow Debugging

In addition to providing error feedback data flows contain features that enable you to debug and validate your json.


Data Sources

Configure Data Sources to show the columns you desire, group fields and provide filters on billing data. Reuse these data sources in reports, charts, dashboards and invoice templates.


Eventing System

The eventing system is framework for creating and managing business processes and system integrations. The eventing system and queues use a publish and subscribe model.