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Why LogiSense?

Introduce innovative products and pricing faster. Respond to changing customer needs in a timely fashion.

Accelerate your product development cycle. LogiSense gives you the flexibility to create and deliver new products and services in record time, allowing you to build value for your customers. And by automating your billing, payments, and invoices, you can keep focusing on innovation.

Quickly launch new products
Grow your business without bottlenecks. React to the market events that are shaping your industry by creating, launching, and monetizing new products ASAP.
Freedom to introduce competitive usage-based pricing
Enjoy the freedom to introduce innovative usage-based pricing models at scale and on demand. Configure offers and data orchestration within a single cloud-native platform – no need for complicated integration or development.
Grow Your business globally
Go global with multi-currency and payment processing support. Reach a wider audience by supporting customized pricing across multiple territories and currencies.
Improve customer retention
Maximize customer lifetime value by providing personalized service. Deepen the customer relationship by customizing cross-sell, upsell, and promotional opportunities.

Everything You Need In One Place

  • Designed to scale
  • Self-serve customer portal
  • Advanced pricing models
  • Advanced safety & security

Are You Ready?

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