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Why LogiSense?

Cloud-based billing solution that grows with you

Built on an agile architecture, LogiSense provides the flexibility you need to accommodate your customers’ ever-changing expectations. With LogiSense, you have the flexibility to integrate with leading technology stacks or platforms.

Accelerated deployments
Accelerate deployment with LogiSense's configurable cloud-based billing solution. Empower your business to scale quickly and adapt to any need or business requirement with ease.
Low-code integration with leading technologies
Integrate with an ecosystem of leading platforms and tools for your sales, marketing, finance, operations, and taxation needs seamlessly. Maximize productivity by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks with workflow automation. LogiSense’s configurable solution requires minimal coding, reducing dependency on IT.
LogiSense provides enterprise-grade control, risk management, and compliance capabilities. Comply with security standards while reducing the risk of damage from data breaches, changes in regulations, miscalculated costs, and other threats.
Modern Architecture
Built on a modern API-first RESTful microservices architecture, LogiSense Billing can scale to your performance needs and seamlessly integrate with exiting back office systems.

Everything You Need In One Place

  • API-first architecture
  • Designed to scale
  • Automated worflows
  • Customized reporting
  • Advanced safety & security

Are You Ready?

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