Connect And Extend With Open APIs
Entirely API driven cloud platform accessible through available RESTful APIs.

Designed For Security and Scale

Gain peace of mind with an enterprise-grade solution tailor-made to secure and scale across your entire organization.

Built On A Modern Technology Stack

Transform and monetize your business offerings with automation that is open, intelligent, and proactive.


LogiSense Workflows

Connect systems together, automate business rules and eliminate manual processes. All made possible by the LogiSense Billing API first architecture.

AWS Global Infrastructure

Meet all your geographic, compliance and scaling needs with LogiSense Billing running within the Amazon Web Services infrastructure.


Data Import & Export

Transform data and schedule import from multiple different file formats. LogiSense's powerful data transformation engine allows you to take file export formats available from your existing back office systems and import the data.

Visual Designers

Load in example file formats to then visually define which fields from the source map up to the internal LogiSense data objects. Leverage match formulas to intelligently match text to foreign keys.

Formulas and Transforms

Utilize the built in designer interface to apply logic to field transformations such as combining multiple fields, manipulating the data, make logic decisions or run custom formulas.


Data imports leverage LogiSense's DataFlow technology allowing you to specify the transactional context in which data should be grouped. Batch up data to be loaded in through separate transactions.

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