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Designed for versatility and proficiency

You can't grow your business without a technological infrastructure that lets you do it. LogiSense billing is built for scale, flexibility, diversity, and ease of use anchored on AWS.

Modern micro-services architecture

LogiSense's API-first microservices platform exposes its billing functions via RESTful APIs, facilitating the integration, communication, and data required to automate billing processes.

Automate with Workflows

LogiSense works with your favorite apps and web services to help you do more. Connect systems, automate business rules, and eliminate manual processes.

RESTful API Forward Design Principals

The integrity of the granularity of data is essential. That's why LogiSense Billing features RESTful API-first interfaces, ensuring smooth granular integration.

Subscribe to Events

LogiSense billing gives you the opportunity to subscribe to a wide range of events. Data tokens are associated with each one. They can be transmitted as part of the payload within an email or WebHook notification.
AWS infrastructure
Scalable, cloud-native environment to meet your security and compliance needs.

Data transformation and event mediation

Configure data transformation and event mediation without coding. Usage feeds within LogiSense billing transform network-based user histories into billing records with real-time usage alerts.

Configure mediation rules without the need for developers to code data transformation logic.
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