Service Types Screen

Last Updated: Thu Oct 05 2023

Service Types are configured in Setup / Product Catalog / Service / Service Types


Service types provide a means to categorize services within the system for reporting and other purposes. For instance, service types could be setup to classify services as ‘Data’, ‘Voice’, ‘Fee’, ‘Device’, or could be setup to be more granular depending on how you wish to classify and report on the services that have been sold.

Service Types are setup with a ‘Base Type’ which determines where services of the specific type can be configured in the system. For instance, if a service has a base type of ‘Fee’ it will only be configurable on screens where fees are configured (early contract termination fees, contract commitment fees, etc.). Conversely, a service with a base type of ‘Non-recurring’ would not be configurable/shown in a list of services when setting up recurring charges on a package.


Service types can be setup in the system immediately, there are no prerequisite configuration steps.

The Service Types Panel

The Service Types panel on the left of this screen allows you to select existing service types to view and edit on the Edit Service Type Panel to the right. Actions are also available which are shown as icons on the left above the Filter text box. Available actions are detailed below.




Deletes the selected service type. If this action is greyed out it indicates that the service type is configured on a system entity and cannot be deleted

Adds a new service type

The Edit Service Type Panel

The information in this panel reflects the currently selected service type. From here you can change service type details (note: fields with a magenta left border are required).

Service Type Fields:

  • Name: a descriptive name for the type, e.g. 'data service'

  • Base Type: a means of classifying the service type which can be useful for reporting purposes and also determines where the service can be configured in the system

    • Recurring Charge: sets the service type as a recurring charge type. Any service configured with this service type will appear when configuring recurring charges (e.g. recurring charges on package frequencies)

    • Non-recurring Charge: sets the service type as a non-recurring charge type. Screens which allow you to configure non-recurring charges will show services configured with this base type (e.g. on the package frequencies ‘One Time’ tab)

    • Fee: sets the service type as a fee charge type. Services that are setup with this base type can be selected/added on screens where fees are configured (e.g. when setting up early contract termination fees on account contracts)

References tab

This tab lists entities in the system that are configured to use the service type that you have currently selected.


Adding a Service Type

  1. At the top of the Service Types panel click the (emoji) icon

  2. Enter a Name for the new service type

  3. Select a Base Type for the new service type

  4. Click Save

The new service type will appear in the Service Types panel on the left. At this point you can select the new service type when adding/editing a service on the services screen or configuring fees (where the service type can be configured will depend upon the Base Type set on the service type).

Editing a Service Type

Note: It is not be possible to modify the Base Type of a Service Type if the Service Type is configured on a Service that is in use.

  1. Select the service type you wish to edit in the Service Types panel on the left

  2. In the Edit Service Type Panel modify the service type Name and Base Type as desired

  3. Click the Save button

Services and reports that reference the service type will now display the new name.

Deleting a Service Type

Note: Service types that are configured on services or other entities are in use and cannot be deleted. In order to delete a service type in use, first determine which entities are configured with the service type by checking the References tab and then edit those entities to use an alternate service type.

  1. Select the service type you wish to delete in the service types panel on the left

  2. Click the (emoji) icon

  3. Confirm that you wish to delete the service type on the pop-up window that appears

The service type is now removed and will no longer appear in the Service Types list.