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The billing engine for the connected economy

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected Services are changing how we experience the world. Companies are equipping thousands of devices with internet and data-accessible features, transforming industries such as logistics, energy, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and security.

With changes like these, companies need to create flexible monetization models. LogiSense provides the scalability, reliability, and agility to assist your rapidly growing business.

LogiSense’s dynamic pricing allows you to update your plans with ease. Flexibility and other features can be added to existing plans using our powerful monetization engine.

Your competitive advantage starts with the right billing platform

Manage large volumes of data
Collect, transform, and utilize large volumes of IoT usage data to generate actionable insights that can be used for everything from improving your customers’ experience to increasing revenue. Transform large volumes of data with LogiSense’s robust infrastructure without the need to custom-code or integrate with third-party software.
Process real-time usage data
Capture and monitor data in real time from your connected devices. Support innovative pricing models like pay-per-use, pay-as-you-go, and other flexible payment models. Price your services based on certain triggers, events, quotas, metered consumption, or combinations of the above.
Offer flexible pricing models
Stay ahead of your competition with LogiSense's flexible usage-based billing framework. Offer multiple pricing models: one-time, subscriptions, usage-based, tiered or pooled. Provide limitless transaction volumes and manage complex billing scenarios with the assurance of accuracy and reliability.
Explore endless possibilities with Workflows
Maximize your team’s productivity with LogiSense’s fully integrated workflow engine, powered by Workato. Eliminate manual processes and the need to write and host custom codes in order to integrate with other systems—all made possible by LogiSense Billing’s API-first architecture.

LogiSense Has it All

Everything you need to operate and grow your Connected Services business:

Intelligent mediation
Designed to scale
Customized reporting
Powerful branded invoicing
Advanced safety and security
Self-serve customer portal


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