Revenue Recognition Tailored To You /
Reduce risks and streamline revenue management for the products and contracts you sell while staying compliant.

Flexible Recognition Rules

Revenue Reports

Provide transparency and accountability to investors, lenders, and regulators through accurate revenue reporting.
Report diagram

Export To Finance

Ensure finance has the data they need to generate regulatory reports and blend data with other financial systems.
Finance export diagram

Schedule Calculation

Configure when, or what proportion, of the service was “delivered” to the customer.
Schedule diagram

Usage Recognition

Users pay for the service as they consume it, and therefore the revenue can be recognized immediately with no need to defer until a later date.
Real-time usage diagram
Export your revenue recognition data to the finance platform of your choice.


Pricing Changes

Making global pricing changes that affect existing customers? That means that your revenue schedules for these customers have also changed.

Overage Adjustments

When products have overage charges applied it could require a revenue recognition amendment for the previous period.

Contract Amendments

Understand when contracts have been amended. Whether their term has been extended or new products have been added, your finance department needs to know.

Service Cancellations

Has a customer cancelled a contract that has previously been accounted for in your unearned revenue reports?

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