Recapture Lost Revenue
Setup your billing logic to automatically fulfill and enforce contract terms. Gone are the days of combing through contracts and manually keeping up with terms. Let LogiSense do the work for you.

Commitments & Ramp-Up Periods

Commitments can be set up on contracts and ramp-up periods can be set up on commitments. Add ramp-ups to products, services, or usage based offerings.

Increase & Automate Contract Renewals

Actively engage and encourage subscribers to stay with your business with the ability to create contract specific pricing and automated renewal terms.


Eliminate Revenue Leakage From Early Terminations

Ensure that you are collecting the proper fees or penalties when your customer terminates their contract early.

Eliminate Revenue Leakage
Talk to one of our billing experts to find out how to leverage Contract Enforcement to streamline your back office and collect the full value of your contracts.