Hold Your Customers to Their Agreement /
LogiSense's contract enforcement feature guarantees accurate and efficient billing for all your deal-specific commitments.

Enterprise Deal Flexibility

Volume Commitments

Offer your customers significant discounts when they commit to a certain volume of usage.
Volume diagram

Minimum Spend Amounts

Entice your customers with discounted pricing when they agree to meet a minimum spend threshold, irrespective of their usage.
Minimum spend diagram

Ramp Up Periods

Allow customers to commit to spending a certain amount over a period of time and hold them accountable for that commitment.
Ramp Up diagram

Usage Commitments

Customers can commit to an agreed upon amount of usage as part of negotiating their contract.
Usage diagram
Eliminate Leakage
Effortlessly verify accurate billing of deal promises without manual review.

Contract Enforcement

Automated Contract Review

Revolutionize your back office with automated contract enforcement, eliminating the need for manual paperwork review.

Minimum Top-Ups

Set a minimum usage limit, which will be charged to customers regardless if they have not met their minimum threshold.

Termination Penalties

Establish and enforce the terms of a contract and any penalties if your customer terminates the contract early.

Options & Choice

Offer maximum convenience to your customers with flexible billing options and ability to customize their contract.

Enforce Contracts with Ease

Let LogiSense help you transform contract management.