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Your Business is complex, but your billing shouldn't be

Offer Hybrid Pricing

Amplify the returns on your subscriptions by offering customizable usage-based billing to any subscription, plan or pricing.

Launch Products Quicker

LogiSense Billing lets you take advantage of countless flexible billing solutions, features for account management, and an architecture that permits one-time charges, usage-based service plans, and recurring monthly or annual billing.

Consumption Drawdown

Create a flexible pricing model by setting up a budgeted amount of spend for multiple services. Allow your customers to draw down on the set amount based on the services they consume.

Accelerate Growth

Choose a billing solution that will adapt to every phase of your business. The LogiSense Billing platform is tailored for your roadmap. It's roaring to go and ready to scale with your business.

Customer Experience

Real-time usage visibility lets you get ahead of possible customer churn due to improperly matched plan subscriptions.

Has it All

Everything you need to operate and grow your Anything as a Service (XaaS) business:

API-first architecture
Adavanced usage mediation and rating
Automated trial, test and ramp up periods
Designed to scale
Security compliance
Customizable notifications
Automated workflows
Customized reporting
Powerful branded invoicing
Self-serve customer portal


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