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Your business is complex, but your billing shouldn't be

The modus operandi of most XaaS (Anything as a Service) companies is the monetization of customer data and the selling of personalized services. These models get increasingly sophisticated as companies try to appeal to more and more people.

If they sell usage-based services or a flat-rate-usage-based combo, they’re faced with another administrative challenge: the calculation of the billing for the usage data.

That's a tough hill to climb, especially if your billing is done manually, a time-consuming and error-prone practice. Bill anything with ease by upgrading to a modern billing platform. It’ll save your company time while offering your customers accurate invoices.

Scalable, adaptable billing platform that grows with you

Offer a blend of subscription and usage-based billing
LogiSense Billing lets you take advantage of countless flexible billing solutions, features for account management, and an architecture that permits one-time charges, usage-based service plans, and recurring monthly or annual billing. It even offers a combination of any of these models as a single invoice. We help you tender customers a clear and consistent pricing model.
Speed up the launch of new products and pricing
Launch products and pricing models faster and go to market with unlimited configurable billing scenarios. Gain a competitive advantage in today’s fast-moving markets by reacting to industry-changing events with ease. Tweak pricing based on product value, customer usage, and competitive offerings.
Accelerate your growth
Choose a billing solution that will adapt to every phase of your business. The LogiSense Billing platform is tailored for your roadmap. It’s roaring to go and ready to scale with your business.
Eliminate revenue leakage
Eliminate manual billing errors, save time, and increase transparency. Avoid involuntary churn by automating dunning rules. Define events to trigger emails before an invoice is overdue.

Improve customer experience by switching to an agile automated billing system, a key component of your growth and success as your company evolves.

Has it All

Everything you need to operate and grow your Connected Services business:

API-first architecture
Security compliance
Customizable notifications
Automated workflows
Customized reporting
Powerful branded invoicing
Self-serve customer portal


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