Flexible Combinations of Pricing Models /
Transform your billing process with pricing flexibility and transparency for your customers.

Endless Combinations

Subscriptions + Overage

Set usage caps for customer subscriptions. Automatically trigger additional charges when they exceed their usage limits.
Subscripton plus overage diagram

Pay for what you use

Combine a subscription fee with usage-based charges for the most flexible pricing plan.
Pay for what you use diagram

Add one-time fees

Set up your pricing plan to allow for recurring fees and one-time charges, like product installations, late fees, support charges, and more.
One-time fee diagram

Bundling/Sharing Services

Offer a variety of subscription packages by charging customers a base fee and additional charges for specific services.
Bundling diagram
Reduce Churn
Give customers more choice with plans that provide the most value.

Product Led Growth

Value-Based Pricing

Give your customers the flexibility to pay only for the features they need and value the most.

Try Product for X Days

Let your customers try your service for a predetermined number of days to make sure it is right for them before they decide to buy.

Free Feature Trials

Offer a free trial for your advanced features, or even offer a full-on free version of your product with limited functionality.

Outcome Based Pricing

Increase customer satisfaction by charging customers based on their results rather than the time spent in your product.

Take Control Of Your Bills

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