Add Usage-Based Pricing to Salesforce /
With LogiSense, customers can manage and view large volumes of complex usage data and integrate it seamlessly within Salesforce.

Get More Out of your Salesforce Investment

Enable Any Pricing Model
When your sales team asks, "Can we do this?" your finance team can always say, "Yes!" Enable the highly competitive, usage-based pricing models of the future with LogiSense and Salesforce.
Find Upsell Opportunities
With LogiSense's dashboard for Salesforce you can improve customer experience and reduce churn. Help customers avoid overage charges and optimize your pricing by customer, market, channel, or region.

Products today are more connected and intricate, which makes charging a fair and competitive price for them difficult, manual, and expensive.

LogiSense enables Salesforce clients to gain visibility on complex, usage-based product scenarios. Analyze your customers' consumption behaviour in real-time and augment Salesforce with advanced pricing models and high volumes of consumption transactions.

Eliminate Revenue Leakage

LogiSense adds advanced usage-based pricing, rating and charging capabilities, and the ability to process high volumes of usage transactions to augment your Salesforce environment. We'll proceess all your highly complex consumption data and usage-based orders and send summary information back to Salesforce.

Discover what services are generating usage events that aren't being included in your billing and start monetizing them. Identify events with mismatched data or where associated customer accounts could not be found, and fix your revenue leaks with the best product-customer fit.

LogiSense Salesforce Dashboard

LogiSense automates and improves the subscription billing process. LogiSense’s platform eliminates costly human error, accommodates innovative pricing models, and helps you grow your business by catering to a variety of currencies.

Full Visibility into usage metrics

Get access to usage and revenue metrics for services offered via the LogiSense and Salesforce platforms to examine the mix of consumption across your customers.

transform and enrich your data

If you can measure it, we can monetize it. Get comparisons of customer consumption rates versus projected rates to help identify upsell opportunities.

Automate Your Quote To Cash Process

Create opportunities with orders and offer customer-specific pricing contracts in Salesforce that submit directly to LogiSense's enterprise software.

Or integrate fully with both Salesforce CPQ and Vlocity (Salesforce Industries) to automate the most important parts of your billing processes.

Increase your company's lifetime customer value by ensuring you offer the best product-customer fit.

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