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Why LogiSense?

Manage revenue models

Stay at the top of your game with accurate revenue allocation, auditable results, and end-to-end control.

Automated revenue allocation
Bring your financial reporting processes into the future with automated, timely, and transparent revenue allocation. LogiSense’s powerful financial revenue reporting capabilities allow you to automate GAAP or IFRS-approved business processes from record creation.
Seamless integration with leading platforms
Streamline and automate your quote-to-cash process, and ensure accurate data capture through integration with your CRM and other critical tools. LogiSense fully integrates with an ecosystem of leading platforms and tools for your sales, marketing, finance, operations, and taxation needs.
Auditable & security-compliant
LogiSense provides enterprise-grade control, risk management, and compliance capabilities. Maintain data privacy, comply with security standards and changes in regulations, and eliminate miscalculated costs and other threats.
Accurate tax management
LogiSense’s cloud-native product taxes your customers for local and state taxes, meeting all communications regulations and reporting requirements. Customers can access a breakdown of all charges through a self-serve portal.
Timely business insights
Assess your business health and access actionable insights from data to implement changes that will improve your operations. Gain valuable perspective on customer-centric budgeting, planning, and lifecycle management. Automate the reporting process with LogiSense’s built-in reporting and business intelligence capabilities.

Everything You Need In One Place

  • Smart dunning
  • Advanced pricing models
  • Advanced safety & security
  • Customized reporting
  • Intelligent mediation

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