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Hidden fees, inflexible bundles, upcharges - who needs them? People today expect to pay for what they use. Providing that transparency improves loyalty, reduces churn and fuels growth. At LogiSense, we're all about putting the power in our customers' hands. Some people call that the usage economy™. We call it good business.


Freedom. It's what most billing systems fail to provide - the freedom to offer flexible billing options. Customers want options that reflect the actual amount of services they use. And the ability to build a plan or billing model that’s right for them. Anything but a presumptuous flat rate.

It's not far from "flat rate" to "flat bust." With a flat rate, you don't meet customer expectations, you don't hold your own with the competition, you don't cash in on revenue opportunities.

At LogiSense, we've built a reputation as champions of the usage economy, a mix of subscription-based and usage-based billing models that provide businesses the agility they need to charge for any triggered event in the connected world.

Change billing for good.

Now THAT's meeting customer expectations.

Our Mission

We're all about putting the power in customers' hands.

Our Mission

To help businesses look out for their customers, to help them remain on their feet in this age of consumer-dictated usage, to help them keep growing - wherever the marketplace takes them.

What we do

As one of the leading providers of subscription-based billing and real-time usage rating solutions, we accelerate growth throughout the enterprise and communications marketplace.
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Be Good

We're here to change billing for good. To change the economy for good. To change the world for good. We look for the good in people and are committed to doing good business.
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Seek Balance

We strive for balance. At work. At home. At the end of a spreadsheet. We hold fairness in high regard and believe that business must balance the needs of people with the drive for profit.
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We all need to get paid. Fairly. Accurately. Efficiently. That’s why we promote good pay policies by providing advanced technology that improves the billing experience.

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