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If You Can Log It, We Can Bill It

Whatever your data, no matter what type or from which source, LogiSense’s mediation feature can map it and rate it.


Businesses often find themselves processing usage event data from a number of different sources. Typically, these sources subscribe to their own format and contain various kinds of usage. The mediation feature of the LogiSense platform boasts an interface-driven mechanism that maps feed data, transforming it into entities interpretable to the core rating engine.

Data transformation

LogiSense’s platform can transform data and schedule imports from multiple file formats, including csv and columnar, or from an API. It also lets you import the data from the file export formats in your back-office systems. All exports are permitted via the invoicing and reporting framework.

Rate, mediate, and aggregate

LogiSense's platform helps you rate, mediate and aggregate your event records. Whether you have hundreds events to record or billions of events, LogiSense can make sense of your data.

Rating and mediation scaling
LogiSense’s rating and mediation services take care of all areas related to the processing and charging of usage event records. The rating engine is built on a distributed and scalable queuing architecture optimized for performance.
Usage aggregation
The volume of services generating billing events can affect usage rating and mediation. LogiSense’s platform employs a combination of scaling mechanisms to ensure smooth throughput.
Usage data feeds
LogiSense’s platform sets up usage feeds to process and mediate records from network systems, converting them into versions suitable for billing.
Controlled flexibility
The LogiSense platform enables the application of extra flexibility to key points within the framework. This strengthens the operating structure without threatening stability.


As part of the ETL process (extract, transform, load), it’s necessary to convert and map the data from the exporting system to the importing system. LogiSense gives you the visual tools to do the job. Using the provided map, you can transform and track data for loading.

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