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Respond quickly to changes in market conditions, whether it be increased competition or changes in consumer demand.


Packaged Bundles

Bundle products together to encourage customers to make larger purchases and increase sales.
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Multiple Currencies

Create a global presence by offering your products in multiple currencies and increase sales.
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Customer Discounts

Make your customers feel appreciated and valued. They'll be more loyal to you and come back for repeat purchases.
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Contract Commitments

Ensure a steady and predictable stream of revenue, and improved cash flow with contract commitments
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Real-Time Rating
Price products based on Real-Time Usage Metrics.



Usage-based billing is a pricing model where customers are charged based on the amount they use. It has many names: metered billing, consumption based billing, volume billing, or pay-for-what-you-use.
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Pay a recurring fee for access to a product or service over a specified period creating an ongoing engagement and long-term relationship with your customers.
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Volume Pricing

Incentivize customers to make larger quantity purchases through volume discounts and show them that you value and appreciate their business.
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Shared Use Plans

Give your customers pricing flexibility by allowing them to scale or pool their usage, depending on their needs.
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Catalog Flexibility

LogiSense is built to accommodate any combination of subscriptions, usage, multiple currencies, or rating scenarios. Price in real-time, automate, or schedule your billing process in any configuration.

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