Build Your Own Online Billing Demonstration
Browse through the LogiSense demo library to explore different corners of the platform. Topics range from overviews to billing specific topics on product catalog creation, extensibility and usage rating.

Product Overview

A quick guided tour of the various areas of the LogiSense Billing platform. Viewing the system layout, in-app help, account administration, setup and developer tools.

Walking through the process of manually adding an account to LogiSense Billing. What pieces of data are needed and how is it configured for customer billing rules.

Assigning a new product you've sold to a customer. How to choose the product and how to customize the pricing based on the agreed deal with the customer.

LogiSense Billing contains a powerful reporting engine. Configure data views within the system and then layout any kind of filtered view in a report.

Product Catalog & Billing

A flexible product catalog is essential to providing your company the agility to meet market demands and ensuring that you're one step ahead of the competition.

Configure your subscriptions with multiple states. Each state of the subscription can have different flat or tiered pricing to provide volume discounts.

Enforcing contracts is an essential aspect of ensuring that you're capturing the correct revenue based on the current state. Have your customers met their commitments?

Grouping your customers by how they want to be billed provides a flexible way to manage either fully automated or approval based bill runs for maximum flexibility.

Automating your dunning process allows for the system to chase down customers who have missed payment terms and notify you when they reach a certain stage.

Payments can be automatically processed and disbursed, or they can be manually split and applied to targeted invoices when there may be an invoice in dispute.


LogiSense Billing is entirely API driven where the full system is exposed as available RESTful APIs. Anything the system is capable of can be called by a 3rd party.

Utilize the built in UI to apply logic to field transformations such as combining multiple fields, manipulating data, logic decisions or run custom formulas.

Add custom fields to screens to store additional information on LogiSense billing data objects. Choose the field type, location and validation rules for your data.

Usage Rating

A Share Plan is an entity that defines the rules and parameters around how usage is to be shared. Both Fixed and Variable share plans provide flexible sharing options.

LogiSense's powerful data import tooling allows for easy consumption, transformation and mediation of usage data. Capture lost revenue by managing exceptions.

Rate any type of usage data from simple to complex. Whether it be data, voice, SMS, APIs or any kind of recordable event record. LogiSense has you covered.

Rating can be straight forward or can be segmented by location, have specific rounding rules, depend on the time of day or other factors when selecting the proper rate.

When billing for usage based services, a unique identifier must be assigned to the service to link the usage data to an account that can then be billed with a proper rate.