Account Packages

Last Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Account Packages are configured in Account / Profile / Packages.


This screen allows you to add, bill and manage packages on an account. A package is a container for services which have prices associated with them. E.g. a package could contain 'Monthly Service A' with a $50.00 price and 'Monthly Service B' with a $25.00 price resulting in a monthly package charge of $75.00. Services by themselves cannot be added to an account directly, they are always contained in a package.

Many configuration options exist which allow you to customize account-packages, for instance (depending on your permissions) you can:

  • Add a package contract to a package

  • Change the package's bill day

  • Change service prices

  • Apply a temporary price discount to services in the package

  • Add or change a rate plan to apply specific usage rates (data usage rates, voice usage rates, etc.) to the package or services within the package

  • Add, change or remove recurring or one-time services in the package

  • Add additional services to a package using add-on packages

This guide will cover how to add and edit account-packages along with details on other functions and settings that are presented on this screen.

Account Packages Panel

The Account Packages panel towards the left of this screen allows you to select existing packages present on the account so that you can view or edit the package settings on the Edit Account Packages panel on the right. Actions are also available in this panel which are shown as icons above the Filter text box. The available actions are described below.




Performs a bulk operation on the account-packages (e.g. cancel multiple packages)

Bills the account immediately or at a scheduled time

Deletes the selected package

Adds a package to the account

Edit Account Package Panel

The information in this panel reflects the currently selected account-package. From here you can change package details (fields will display a red left border if a value is required and purple text if the field is read-only and cannot be modified).

Account Package Fields and Options:

  • Package: the name of the package in the product catalog

  • Frequency: the package frequency that specifies how frequently recurring subscription charges are billed (monthly, yearly, etc.)

  • Product Code: an optional code that can be specified in order to adjust pricing for the package using a price plan

  • Effective Date: when the package becomes effective from a billing standpoint

  • Status: the account-package status (active, cancelled, etc.). Defines if the package is in a billable or non-billable state. When an account-package is set to a non-billable status the recurring charges for account-services in the package will not be applied. All other charges will still apply however, such as one-time and transition charges. Package statuses can also be configured to switch an account-package into a read-only state (with the exception of the Status field which can still be modified). If a package status is configured to be read only then when that status is set the text 'Read Only' will appear in the Edit Account Package panel next to the package name

  • Contract: provides an option to attach a contract to the package

  • Rate Plan: provides an option to attach a rate plan to the package. Rate plans determine usage charges (e.g. what to charge for data, voice, messaging, etc. usage). When multiple rate plans are setup the rate plan used will be the one configured at the lowest level. A rate plan on a service will be selected if it exists ignoring a rate plan configured at the package level, and a rate plan on a package is chosen over a rate plan configured on an account

  • Effective Cancel Date: allows you to set a cancelation date for the package. This date is evaluated during billing, if the date has been met within the periods that are being billed then the package will be canceled. When the package is canceled proration of charges and provided usage will occur if the package/usage bucket(s) are configured for proration

Services tab

Summary View: the Services tab displays the services that are present in the package. By default it will load in the Summary View Type on the Count tab. The tabs available while in the Summary view are explained below.

  • Count tab: on this tab you will see how many of each service are present in the package and what status the service is in (e.g. 1 Active service, 0 Suspended services). If you click a service name in this list additional service details will load and you will also be able to edit service settings

  • Charges tab: this tab displays the price for each service by status (e.g. you can even charge for a service if it's in a suspended/other non-canceled state). Clicking on a service name in this list will load service details and allow you to edit service settings

Pricing View: selecting the Pricing view in the View Type drop down list will allow you to view and edit pricing as well as apply temporary service price discounts. The tabs available in the pricing view are described below.

  • Recurring tab: this tab shows all services that are billed on a recurring basis and the charges that are applicable when the service is in a particular status. You can edit the recurring prices for account-services in account-packages from this tab, providing the account-package is not in a read-only state (for example, canceled). When editing prices, the catalog price will be listed for any price on this tab that has been adjusted from the price set in the catalog. If you wish to return to using product catalog defined prices simply set the adjusted prices on this tab back to the listed catalog amount

  • One Time tab: if any one time charges have been configured for the package they will appear on this tab. One time charges are applied once only when the package is billed (e.g. an installation or license fee)

  • Discount tab: this tab allows you to apply temporary account-service price discounts for a period of time (1 month, until a specific date, etc.). A discount can be set amount or a percentage. If you wish to apply a permanent discount simply change the recurring service price on the Recurring tab

  • Transitions tab: if any transition charges have been configured for the package they will appear on this tab. Transition charges are applicable when the status of an account-service is changed (e.g. a cancelation fee when switching to a canceled status)

Billing Settings tab

This tab allows you to set/change the package bill day as well as view the billing configuration of the package.

  • Bill Day: specifies the day of the month that the package will be billed on. If left empty the package will be billed based on the account bill day

  • Billed Through: the date that the package has been billed up to

  • Usage Billed Through: the date that usage charges related to the package have been billed up to

  • Charge Full Period: if enabled the full package price will be charged even if a full period is not provided (i.e. this setting disables proration when adding or canceling the account-package). Full Period billing is incompatible with the Postpaid setting described below

  • Postpaid: if enabled the package will be billed for its prior period when billing occurs. E.g. when a bill run occurs in October the amount owed for September will be charged. If this setting is disabled then billing for the current period will be charged in the current period

  • Charge Recurring Only If Usage: if enabled recurring service charges will only be applied when usage related to a service in the package occurs. Even if usage charges amount to zero the fact that usage occurred will result in recurring charges being applied. Enabling this option will result in the package being set as postpaid. Other non-recurring charges such as transition charges will still apply when this option is set

  • Billing Activation Service: this read-only field will appear if the package is configured for billing activation. Billing activation packages initiate package billing based on usage accrued or time passed (e.g. start billing the package one week after it is added to an account or after 10 megabytes of usage is consumed)

  • Activation: this read-only field will appear if the package is configured for billing activation. This field is automatically populated by the system to indicate the date and time that the package was activated

  • Counting Rule: if a rule is selected here then prices can be adjusted based upon the number of packages or services on an account. See the counting rules help for more information

Custom Fields tab

This tab will display custom fields if your organization has configured custom fields on account-packages. Custom fields are used to capture additional account-package details relevant to your organization.