Payment Gateway Screen

Last Updated: Fri May 17 2024

Payment Gateways are configured in Setup / Users & Accounts / Owners / Payment Gateway


Payment gateways are used to process payments made on accounts. Depending on the gateway you will be able to configure credit card and ACH payment processing.

Once a payment gateway has been configured you will be able to add online (gateway supported) payment methods on accounts, make payments on accounts through the gateway and reverse payments through the gateway.

See the Account Payment Methods and Account Payments screen help for details on how to setup payment methods and make payments from an account.


  • Spreedly keys are setup in the AWS SSM Parameter Store with the required configuration. This step is completed by the LogiSense Deployment Team

  • You will need to know the login and transaction key for your payment gateway before you can configure the gateway in the LogiSense Billing application

Payment Gateway Panel

The Payment gateway panel on the left of this screen allows you to select gateways to view and edit on the Edit Payment Gateway panel to the right. Actions are also available in this panel which are shown as icons above the Filter text box. The available actions are described below.




Adds a new payment gateway

Edit Payment Gateway Panel

The information in this panel reflects the currently selected gateway. From here you can change gateway configuration details (fields will display a red left border if a value is required and purple text if the field is read-only and cannot be modified).

Gateway Fields and Options:

  • Gateway Type: the gateway provider that payments will be processed through

  • Active: enables or disables the gateway so that it can/cannot be used to process payments. Service and Compatibility options below will not be selectable unless the gateway is set to Active

  • Name: a unique name for the gateway

  • Description: an optional description that describes the gateway configuration (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, ACH)

Services and Compatibility Options:

These options will appear when you have selected a gateway in the Gateway Type field noted above.

  • Payment Types: depending on the gateway, you will have the option of enabling Credit Card and ACH payment processing if desired. Some gateways do not support ACH payment processing, in which case the ACH option will not be presented

  • Card Types: after the gateway is set to active and the ‘Credit Card’ payment type is enabled the card types that you wish to permit payments to be made with can be selected in this section. Credit cards that the gateway does not support will not be listed

  • Regions: this value is automatically populated to indicate the regions where the payment gateway supports payment processing

Authentication and Security Options:

Each gateway has its own requirements and terminology for the ID’s, usernames and passwords required, The fields described below may not be present / may not exactly match what you see in the Edit Payment Gateway Panel depending on which gateway you are configuring.

In this section you need to populate the authentication details provided to you by the payment gateway. After you enter these details and save the gateway configuration the username and password details will not be presented in the Edit Payment Gateway panel for security reasons.

  • Merchant ID/Account: your merchant or account number provided by the gateway

  • Username/Login ID: the username provided by the gateway. For some provided this may be an API username

  • Password/Transaction Key/Pin: the password or pin code provided by the gateway

  • CVV Required: an additional validation method which requires the card verification value (CVV) to be provided in addition to the card number and expiry date when submitting a card number for payment processing. Depending on the card type this value may be on the back of the credit card or the front, and the number of digits may vary (3-4 typically)


Adding Payment Gateways

  1. At the top of the Payment Gateways panel click the (emoji) icon

  2. Select the gateway and set it as active

  3. Configure the gateway as desired. See the Payment Gateways help for descriptions of each field

  4. After the gateway settings are configured click Save

Editing Payment Gateways

  1. In the Payment Gateways panel click the gateway you wish to modify

  2. Adjust the gateway settings as desired. See the Payment Gateways help for descriptions of each field

  3. After the gateway settings are updated click Save