Account Overview Screen

Last Updated: Tue Jun 22 2021

Account Overview is found at Account / Overview


The Account Overview screen provides account details in a summary format. For more information on each panel of the overview screen continue reading below.

The Contacts Panel

The Contacts Panel displays contacts currently setup on the account and the contact's details. Here you will find billing, service and other contacts (administrative, technical, etc.) depending on what contact types your organization has setup in the system and what contacts are setup on the account.

To view or edit contacts on the account navigate to the Account / Communication / Contacts screen.

The Notes Panel

This section displays notes added to the account which have the 'Show On Overview' setting enabled. These notes capture details on the customer and include the date that the note was added.

To add or edit notes on the account navigate to the Account / Communication / Notes screen.

The Invoices Panel

Provides a high level overview of invoice charges per billing period as well as invoice balance, totals and due dates on currently due and past invoices.

To view, print, email or manage invoices on the account navigate to the Account / Billing / Invoices screen.

The Invoices By Service Type Panel

Allows you to view invoice charges broken down by service type. You can view the graphed charges in a grouped or stacked format and click on individual service types to remove or include the service type charges in the graphed charge breakdown displayed in this section.