Account Invoices

Last Updated: Dec 02, 2020

Account Invoices are viewed in Account / Billing / Invoices.


The Invoices screen provides details on account invoices that have been generated to date. From here you can view the transactions and taxes related to each invoice, download invoices as pdfs, void invoices and more.

Below in this article you will find an overview of all panels, tabs and fields on the invoices screen. Guides walking you through actions you can perform on this screen are available in articles found under this page.

The Invoices Panel

The Invoices panel on the left of this screen allows you to select an invoice and modify it using actions or by changing fields in the Edit Invoice Panel. The actions available are shown as icons on the left above the Filter invoice text box.




Downloads the invoice as a pdf

Voids the selected invoice and generates reversed transactions. See the voiding an invoice section below for more information

Invoices List

The Invoices listing shows the invoices generated on the account and summary level details (invoice state, invoice number, dates, total, etc.).

Select an invoice in order to view or edit its details (displayed on the Edit Invoice Panel to the right).

The Edit Invoice Panel

The information in this panel relates to the selected invoice. From here you can change the Invoice Date and invoice Due date if desired. The Transaction, Taxes and History tabs allow you to review various details for the selected invoice. These tabs are explained below.

Transactions Tab

This tab displays transaction details that have been applied to the selected invoice. A sum of the taxes applied per transaction is shown on this tab. You can view each individual tax and tax amount applied to a transaction by clicking on the (emoji) icon next to the tax amount.

Taxes Tab

This tab will display all taxes that were applied to transactions on the invoice. Each tax applied will note its tax code, tax rate and the total tax amount charged for the particular tax minus tax credits.

History Tab

This tab displays invoice activity such as when the invoice was created, rendered, delivered or voided. The date of these activities may differ depending on how bill runs are configured. Invoices are created when a bill run is executed with the ‘Run Invoices’ option set (when this option is set account transactions will be stamped with an invoice name/number). Invoice rendering occurs when a bill run with the ‘Render Invoices’ option enabled is run, resulting in the invoice being generated on the account and downloadable as a pdf. Delivery occurs when a bill run executes which has been configured with the ‘Deliver Invoices’ setting enabled.