General Ledger (GL) Code Example

Last Updated: Thu Nov 04 2021


This configuration example covers the process of adding GL Code for installation fees. Additional GL codes can be added in similar manner, as needed, based on the chart of accounts required by your Finance department.


  • GL codes can be setup in the system immediately, there are no prerequisite configuration steps

Sample Configuration

  1. Log into the LogiSense Billing application

  2. Click on Setup, Finance and then Billing

  3. Click on the GL Code tab in the upper right to load the General Ledger Codes screen

  4. On the General Ledger Codes screen click the (emoji) button to add new GL Code

  5. Fill out configuration details (refer to sample below) and then click Save to save the configuration


The GL code can now be configured on system entities, shown below.

Setup / Product Catalog / Service / Services

Setup / Finance / Taxes / Tax Rates

Setup / Owners / Payment Types

Next Steps

  • You have now configured the system to the point where the products you wish to sell can be setup. The first step is to setup service types which are used when configuring services. See the Service Type Configuration Example for an example of how to setup service types