Global Add-on Package Example

Last Updated: Wed Jul 07 2021


In this example we will demonstrate how to setup add-on packages in the product catalog. Add-on packages are used to add additional products to account packages (for example if you wanted to sell a new device to a customer who has previously purchased your services, an add-on package would be ideal for this).

An ‘Add-on eligible’ setting on packages in the product catalog will permit you to define which packages are eligible to receive add-ons. See the instructions below for details on how to configure add-on offerings.


  • Services need to be configured before packages can be setup

  • Currencies need to be setup in order to enable currencies on package frequencies and specify service charges for the enabled currencies

Product Catalog Configuration

Create an Add-on eligible package

  1. Login to your LogiSense Billing Application

  2. Create a package in the product catalog as desired. See the Creating a Package with a Recurring and One-Time Charge article if you are unfamiliar with how to setup a package

  3. While configuring the package select the Options tab and enable the Add-on eligible setting

  4. Click Save to configure the package as add-on eligible

Create the Add-on Package

  1. Access the Product Catalog

  2. Create a package with the Global Add-on setting enabled

  3. Add Services to the Add-on package. In the example below the add-on service is a ‘Device Upgrade’

  4. If you wish to allow more than one add-on service you can click on the (emoji) icon shown to the right of the service in the image above. In this example the configuration is set to a minimum of 1, maximum of 1 and default of 1, meaning the ‘Device Upgrade’ is configured to be sold as a single add-on item

  5. When you have completed configuring services on the add-on package Save it and then click the (emoji) next to the package name to setup a package frequency

  6. Configure the package frequency with service prices for each currency you have configured. In the image below the Device Upgrade service is a non-recurring charge service, so its price is defined on the ‘One Time’ tab. The bill frequency of ‘1 - Month’ is not relevant in this case as no recurring charges have yet been configured on this Add-on package

  7. Once the currencies are enabled and prices are set the Active checkbox can be selected (shown above) and you can Save the price frequency configuration


Add on eligible account-packages will now be able to add any add-on packages in order to offer additional services/apply additional charges.

Account / Profile / Packages

Packages configured as ‘Add-on Eligible’ will allow global add-on packages to be added to them. Edit the package and click the ‘Add Service’ (emoji) icon to add to the eligible package (shown in the image below)

Select Global Add-On on the pop-up modal that appears

Additional fields will appear as you populate the Add-on options

Note: the Effective Date set here must be set within a period that has not yet been billed.

Click Add and then Save to commit the add-on changes to the account package. After saving the changes viewing pricing on the package will reveal that the $400.00 USD ‘Device Upgrade’ charge has been added as a one time charge on the account-package.

After billing the account charges will be applied, including the Device Upgrade charge that was added using the Add-On package. You can view these charges on the Transactions screen, or the Invoices screen (assuming an invoice has been created by a bill run).