Package Contracts Screen

Last Updated: Wed Nov 15 2023

Contracts are configured in Setup / Product Catalog / Contracts / Contracts


From this screen you can create package level contracts that can be added to packages on accounts (account-packages) or added to package frequencies on packages in the product catalog. As many package contracts as required can be setup (monthly term, quarterly term, annual term, etc.).

If you require multiple account packages to be governed by a single contract then you will need to setup an account contract (configurable under the Account / Profile / Contracts screen when an account has been loaded). Account contracts have additional options which are not included with package contracts such as automatic contract renewal and the ability to apply minimum commitment fees.


  • Services with a base type of ‘fee’ need to be setup in order to configure early termination charges on package contracts

Contracts Panel

The Contracts panel towards the left of this screen allows you to select existing contracts to view and edit on the Edit Contract panel to the right. Actions are also available in this panel which are shown as icons above the Filter text box. The available actions are described below.




Deletes the selected contract if not in use

Adds a new contract

Edit Contract Panel

The information in this panel reflects the currently selected contract. From here you can change contract details (note: fields with a magenta left border are required).

Contract Fields and Options:

  • Name: a unique and descriptive name for the package contract, e.g. 'Annual Contract with Termination fee', etc.

  • Active: enables/disables the contract. Active contracts can be added to account-packages and package frequencies, inactive contracts cannot be added to these entities. Deactivating contracts will not impact existing package contracts that are already setup on accounts

  • Term & Unit: specifies the contract length, e.g. 1 Year, 3 Months, etc.

  • Renew Type: determines what will happen when the contract term expires. The options are:

    • Auto-Renew - starts a new contract with the same configuration

    • Cancel Package - cancels the package the contract was configured on

    • Expire After Term - the contract expires and the package that the contract was configured on is no longer under contract

    • New Contract - starts a new contract of the type you select. When this option is chosen a ‘Contract’ field will appear which lets you select the new contract that will apply to the package when the initial contract expires

Early Termination Tab

This tab displays the early termination fee charges that will apply if the package-contract is terminated before the end of the contract term. Early termination charges can be configured for all of the currencies configured under the owner, so there is no need to create multiple contracts to address charges in different currencies.

  • Transaction Service: indicates the service that the early termination charge will be associated with. Typically, you would create a service (named ‘contract termination fee' or similar) for the purpose of applying termination fees. Only services configured with a base type of ‘fee’ will show up when typing in this field

  • Charge Remainder: when this option is selected the remaining amount owed for the full contract period can be applied should the contract be canceled before the contract term has been reached. For example, if a customer cancels a package under contract which has six months remaining in the contract term then a charge can be applied to their account for the amount of the remaining six months when billing the account. Charging for the remaining amount owed under contract will only be applied during billing if the bill run setting ‘Execute contract terms’ is enabled

References Tab

This tab indicates where package contracts are used in the system. The default view will provide a summary, counting up the entities that contain the contract you are currently editing (e.g. the selected contract is in use on five account packages). To get more detail into the exact entities the contract is on you can click on the Entity field and then select the desired entity type (e.g. if you select 'Account Package' then the specific account-packages that the contract has been added to will be displayed).


Adding Contracts

  1. Under the Contracts heading on the left click the (emoji) icon

  2. Under the Add Contract heading on the right enter the required contract details

  3. If desired configure early termination fees by clicking on the Early Termination tab and populating the Amount fields. Leaving an Amount field empty for a currency will result in no early termination fee being applied

  4. Click Save

Editing Contracts

  1. Under the Contracts heading on the left click the contract you wish to edit

  2. Under the Edit Contract heading on the right modify the contract details

  3. To modify early termination fees, click on the Early Termination tab and edit the Amount fields

  4. Click Save when finished making changes

Deleting Contracts

Note: Contracts that are configured on account-packages or package frequencies are in use and cannot be deleted. In order to delete a contract that is in use, first determine which account-packages/package frequencies are configured with the contract from the 'References' tab. Next modify the account-packages/package frequencies so that they use an alternate contract.

  1. Select the contract you wish to delete in the list on the left under the Contracts heading

  2. Under the Contracts heading click the (emoji) icon

  3. On the confirmation dialog click Yes to confirm that the selected contract should be deleted

Adding a Contract to a Package

Package contracts can be attached to a package on an account as needed or included by default on packages by configuring the contract on a package's package frequency in the product catalog.

Adding Contracts to Account Packages

See the account packages help for instructions on adding a package level contract.

Adding Contracts to Package Frequencies

Load the packages screen and select a package frequency sub-element under a package. From there you can set or change the contract on the package frequency.