Configure Users

Last Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Users are configured in Setup / Users & Accounts / Users / Users


User's setup here can log into the LogiSense billing system and access screens/features of the system based on the role they are configured with. From this screen you can also view each user's login history and specify which IP addresses the user can login from.


  • Roles must be setup before users can be added

  • SMTP settings must be setup in order to email the user's passwords on user creation

Users Panel

The Users panel on the left of this screen allows you to select existing users to view and edit on the Edit User panel to the right. Actions are also available in this panel which are shown as icons above the Filter text box. The available actions are described below.




Adds a new user

Edit User Panel

The information in this panel reflects the currently selected user. From here you can change user details (fields will display a red left border if a value is required and purple text if the field is read-only and cannot be modified).

User Fields:

  • User Name: the name that describes the user

  • Display Name: a user friendly name which can be displayed on reports

  • First Name: the first name of the user

  • Last Name: the surname of the user

  • Email: the user's email address (on user creation the password will be sent to this address)

  • User Status: the status of the user which determines if they can access the system

  • Role: the role of the user which determines their system permissions

  • Time Zone: the time zone the user resides in

Login History tab

This tab will display login attempts for the user and whether or not they were successful. The date of the login attempt and the IP address the login attempt originated from are also displayed here.

IP Addresses tab

This tab lists any IP restrictions which have been setup on the user. If no IP addresses have been added then the user will be able to log in from any address.