Admin - Configuration

Last Updated: Wed Jul 07 2021

LogiSense exposes a web interface for billing configuration and management. The user experience is dynamic and the interface will scale to fit the dimensions of the screen depending on whether it is being accessed on a PC, a laptop or a tablet.

The AdminPortal UI leverages modern web technologies (verified on Google Chrome) and a framework built from the ground up to provide a satisfying experience to the end user. Screen real estate is used in an optimal manner to provide an intuitive experience for configuring both simple and complex use cases.

The user interface also makes optimal use of references to show relationships between entities. Context sensitive help is provided within the application and is just one click away from any screen. To handle system requests that are more computationally intensive, the system will offload processing from the client to the server and then notify the end user when the process is complete.

All configuration of the system and administrative operations can be initiated through the AdminPortal. The left hand side of the portal displays easy navigation of operations that can be performed (Admin, Setup, Account Management etc.) while the right hand side displays contextual information around each operation.