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Viatel Group Reduces Billing Time by 75% with LogiSense Billing

Consolidating onto the LogiSense platform made so much sense business wise and it reduced our billing cycle time by 75%. We also leaned on LogiSense to successfully manage our GDPR compliance in 2018. This renewed partnership with LogiSense significantly enhances our ability to personalize product bundles specific to each client’s needs. Our customers demand a world class experience where our products and services are delivered seamlessly, and monetized in a personalized, transparent, and fair manner.
Michael Doyle - Chief Financial Officer for the Digiweb Group and Viatel

The Customer

HEADQUARTERS: Dublin, Ireland
INDUSTRY: Telecommunications
TYPE: Private
SERVICES: Broadband access, telephony, cloud & security services.

Viatel is currently the leading Irish independent company offering complete solutions for connectivity, cloud, and security requirements. Viatel provides cost effective, innovative, and bespoke cloud and telecom solutions for small to medium enterprises (SME), corporate, public sector, and wholesale customers. Digiweb, who has been a LogiSense customer since 2005, merged with Viatel in 2013.

The Challenge

Through consolidation and focus, Viatel’s focal point became Ireland and international traffic out of Ireland. As a result, Viatel needed a billing platform that could benefit and support it’s business. With service flexibility, the platform needed to move from a fixed price model to a personalized pricing model. Viatel were also challenged by dependency on internal legacy systems. In addition, Viatel’s original CDR (Call Data Record) environment was coming to end-of-life and the company needed full UDR (Usage Data Record) rating, invoicing, and credit card processing.

The Solution

Viatel leveraged LogiSense's usage rating and mediation module to bring in usage from over 20 different data sources.

Viatel is successfully employing the LogiSense billing solution to manage all of its subscription and usage based cloud and connectivity services to approximately 25,000 customers within Ireland. The solution enables Viatel to bring new products into the market at record speed while eliminating revenue leakage and remaining agile as new competitive threats emerge in the dynamic industry. In addition, consolidating onto LogiSense enabled Viatel to deal with their wholesale voice customer base with one solution and replaced some in-house built systems.

The Results

The LogiSense/Viatel partnership enables Viatel to manage back office monetization and compliance capabilities at scale while maintaining superior agility, delivering personalized cloud and connectivity services to enterprise and public sector customers across Ireland and Western Europe. As a result of working with LogiSense, Viatel has improved operational efficiency and has been able to consolidate disparate systems. Furthermore, the benefits of the new UDR implementation also include: increased usability (streamlined interface), cost effectiveness (bill more and invoice faster), better scalability, and unlimited tenant/account hierarchy.

This recent net new deployment reinforces LogiSense's commitment to innovation in strategic monetization capabilities and its customer-centric approach. As a result of their partnership with LogiSense, Viatel expects to continue aggressive growth in the region with the launch of their cloud computing and storage platform enabling greater flexibility, agility, and cost efficiencies for their customers.