Adding Account Contacts Example

Last Updated: Thu Feb 25 2021


Contacts contain contact details for various personnel related to the account (account administrators, billing contacts, technical contacts, on-site contacts, etc.). In this example we will add a new Admin contact to an account.

For additional details on the fields presented on the Contacts screen see the Account Contacts screen help.


Sample Configuration

  1. Log into the LogiSense Billing application

  2. In the search area at the top of the page, set the Search Filter to Account and then enter the name of the account. Select it from the list and then click the arrow button to go to the account's overview page

  3. Under the Account menu click on Communication

  4. Click on Contacts in the top right of the screen, then on the (emoji) button to add a new contact

  5. Select Admin as the contact type from the dropdown menu and click Add

  6. Fill out the required fields (marked with the red left border), then click on the Address tab. Fill out the required address information for your contact (marked with the red left border) and then click the Save button


The new admin contact has been added to the account

To Edit the contact, you can select it from the Contacts list. This will show you the contact details in the Edit Contact panel.

To delete the contact, you can select it from the Contacts list and click the (emoji) button