Account Contract Status Types Example

Last Updated: Wed Jul 07 2021


This guide covers the process of adding a new status type for account contracts. We will be adding a new status type called “Renewed” that will map to a backend contract status of “Active”. Once created the Renewed status can be used to set the status of an account contract after a contract is automatically renewed.

For more information on account contract statuses see the contract status types screen help.


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Sample Configuration

  1. Log into the Logisense Billing application

  2. Click on the Setup menu, on Product Catalog and then Contracts

  3. In the upper right click on the Status Types tab

  4. Click on the (emoji) button to add a new status type

  5. Fill out configuration details (refer to sample below) and click Save to create the new status type


The Renewed status type will be available when configuring an account contract.

Account / Profile / Contracts

Next Steps

  • When the product catalog has been configured you can proceed to configure the accounts receivable terms that will apply to accounts. See the Payment Terms Configuration Example for details on configuring payment terms