SMTP Example

Last Updated: Thu Nov 04 2021


SMTP settings are configured to allow the LogiSense Billing application to send emails. The email recipient may be a system user (e.g. a ‘reset my LogiSense Billing password’ email) or an account contact (e.g. an email sent with an invoice attachment to an account’s billing contact).

In this example, we will configure SMTP server settings and send a test email.

Note: it is not possible to grant users access to the system without configuring SMTP settings as welcome emails are used to allow users to define their passwords.


  • SMTP settings can be setup immediately, there are no prerequisite configuration steps

Sample Configuration

  1. Log into the LogiSense Billing application

  2. Click on the Setup menu, Extensibility and then SMTP Settings

  3. On the SMTP Settings screen click the (emoji) button to add SMTP settings

  4. Fill out the details for your SMTP server settings and click Save


Test Email:

Before sending the email, first verify that the user you are currently logged in as has a valid email address setup (under Setup / Users & Accounts / Users).

Sending a test email will verify that the SMTP settings are properly configured.

Next, send a test email to the user you are currently logged in as by clicking the Send Test Email action button on the SMTP Settings screen.

If the email is sent successfully the following prompt will appear on the screen.

Close the message and check the inbox for the email address configured on your user to ensure the test email was successfully delivered.

Next Steps

  • Users and Roles Optional Steps:

    • Optional: Users and roles define who can access the system and what they can access. See the Role Group Configuration Example article as a starting point for setting up users and roles

  • Account Settings Required Steps:

    • Account types, statuses and contacts need to be configured before proceeding to other required steps. See the Account Types Configuration Example article to start setting up the required account settings