Contact Types Example

Last Updated: Tue Oct 19 2021


Contact types are setup in order to configure certain types of contacts on accounts (a billing contact, administrative contact, site contact, etc.). Contact types contain contact points which are configured to store contact related data (email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, text, etc.). Once a contact type is setup you will be able to add it to an account during account creation or add it to existing accounts (on the Account / Communication / Contacts screen).

In this example we will add a secondary shipping contact which will require that its physical address is populated when the contact is added to an account.

For additional details on the fields presented on the contact types screen see the Contact Types Screen screen help article.


  • Contact types can be setup immediately, there are no prerequisite configuration steps

Sample Configuration

Adding a Contact Type

  1. Log into the LogiSense Billing application

  2. Click on the Setup menu, Users & Accounts and then Accounts

  3. On the Contact Types screen under the Contact Types section click the (emoji) button to add a contact type

  4. Under the Add Contact Type heading on the right specify the contact type details

    1. Name: ‘Secondary Shipping’

    2. Contact Type: ‘Other’

    3. Description: optional additional detail

    4. Required: unchecked. This setting determines if the contact must be setup when creating a new account. In this configuration example a secondary shipping contact is setup as an optional contact, not a required contact

    5. Show on New Account: unchecked. Determines if the contact type fields will be displayed on the contacts screen when creating a new account

    6. Show on Overview: enabled. If the secondary shipping contact is setup on an account then the contact details will appear on the Account / Overview screen

  5. Under the Contact Points tab click the + New button to load the Add Contact Point modal and configure an address contact point on the contact

    1. Name: enter a name e.g. ‘Address’ or ‘Shipping Address’

    2. Data Type: specify that the contact point data should follow an address format

    3. Allow Multiple: enable this if you want to be able to add multiple contact points of this type (i.e. add multiple addresses on the contact)

    4. Required: set this so that the secondary shipping contact is required to have an address configured on the contact

  6. Click Add to add the contact point. If you wish to configure and require more contact points you can repeat the process above (e.g. add a phone number as a contact point for the secondary shipping contact)

  7. The contact configuration can now be saved. Click Save to commit the changes


Account / Communications / Contacts / Add Contact

The contact type is now available when adding contacts to accounts

As per the contact point configuration, the contact cannot be saved on the account unless an address is supplied. The image below shows the results of attempting to save a secondary shipping contact on an account without entering address details.

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