Bill Run History Screen

Last Updated: Wed Jul 07 2021

Bill Run History is viewed in Operations / Monitor / Bill Run History / Bill Run History

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The bill run history provides extensive details on the outcomes of bill runs that have been executed. The details are broken down by the bill run options that were selected (billing results, usage billing results, invoicing results, etc.). The history will also indicate if errors occurred in any of the bill run activities (errors processing payment terms, rendering invoices, etc.).


At least one bill run must be configured and run before bill run data can be displayed.

Bill Run History Panel

The Bill Runs History panel allows you to select an existing bill run history entry so that you can view its details in the Edit Bill Run History panel. This panel also contains actions which are shown as icons on the left above the Filter text box. Available actions are detailed below.




Refreshes bill run details. Useful if a bill run is currently running and you wish to view its current progress

Deleted the selected bill run history

Bill Run History List

The listing on the left of the screen shows a history of bill runs that have been executed in the system. Each bill run is numbered so that you can identify the sequence they ran in.

When you select a history entry in the list additional details will be displayed in the Edit Bill Run History panel to the right. These details are explained below.

Edit Bill Run History Panel

The information in this panel reflects the billing processes that the bill run executed and the results of those processes (e.g. when did billing start and finish, how many accounts were billed, were there any errors with billing, invoicing, etc. bill run activities).


Deleting Bill Run Histories

  1. Under the Bill Run History heading on the left select the history you wish to delete

  2. Under the same Bill Run History heading click the (emoji) icon

  3. On the confirmation dialog that appears select Yes