Last Updated: Mon Nov 08 2021

LogiSense Billing supports both manually entered payments as well as automatic collections via Credit Card and ACH payment methods. Bill runs can be configured to automatically collect Credit Card and ACH payments at the time of invoicing, or be configured to run collections on a different date than invoicing.

Credit Card and ACH Payments, both manual and automatic, are configured to use one of the LogiSense supported payment gateways.

Supported Gateways

LogiSense supports over 120+ payment gateways around the world for Credit Card and ACH processing. During the deployment process with LogiSense businesses work with LogiSense to configure the system for their desired payment gateway of choice. There are a set of default gateways listed within LogiSense Billing, but for those gateways that are not listed, LogiSense will provide the extra configuration updates for the supported gateway.

Hosted Payment Pages

All integration with Payment Gateways is provided via LogiSense’s Hosted Payment Page capability. This allows the billing system to have a separation from any sensitive credit card information.

The hosted payment page provides the ability for LogiSense billing to only store a unique token associated with the credit card for the desired payment gateway keeping all credit card information anonymous to the billing system.

LogiSense maintains a PCI Level 1 compliance ensuring all system requirements, processes and procedures meet PCI requirements for credit card processing.