Invoice & Credit Note Templates

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2020

Invoice and Credit Note Templates are configured in Setup / Extensibility / Templates / Templates


Templates are used to design the layout and content of invoices and credit notes. To make templates easy to create and edit they are designed in Microsoft Word and can utilize provided variables in order to insert dynamic data (e.g. a contact's name, account id, account balance, etc.).


Locales need to be setup under the owner configuration screen.

Templates Panel

The Templates panel on the left of this screen allows you to select existing templates to view and edit on the Edit Template panel to the right. Actions are also available in this panel which are shown as icons above the Filter text box. The available actions are described below.




Deletes the template (if not in use/configured on another entity)

Adds a new template

Edit Template Panel

The information in this panel reflects the currently selected template. From here you can change the template configuration (fields will display a red left border if a value is required and purple text if the field is read-only and cannot be modified).

Template Fields:

  • Name: a unique and descriptive name indicating where the template is used. E.g. for an invoice template you could enter a name that matches the bill group name and includes the currency the invoice will display (for example, 'Enterprise - USD')

  • Active: enables or disables the template. An inactive template will not be listed when configuring entities that can use the template

  • Description: an optional description which can summarize what the template contains/the recipients it applies to

  • Locale: determines the currency symbol rendered in the invoice/credit note PDF when variables showing amount values are configured in the template

  • Type: determines if the template is used for rendering credit notes or invoices

  • Date: sets the date format rendered on the invoice/credit note when dates are inserted using variables. Mouse over the field to display sample values

  • Date/Time: sets the date and time format rendered on the invoice/credit note when dates and times are inserted using variables. Mouse over the field to display sample values

  • Precision: sets the number of decimal places to round to when displaying amount values. For example, if precision is set to '2' then an amount of 7.5567 will be displayed on the invoice/credit note as 7.56 (with the appropriate currency symbol also displayed based on the locale configuration)

  • Upload: used to upload a new or updated Word template

  • Download: used to download the current Word template that is configured on the template

  • Field Tagger: when selected a modal will appear providing a list of variables that can be used in the credit note/invoice template. The option to download a csv version of the list is also present on the same modal screen

  • Last Modified Date: auto-populated field which displays the date and time that the template document was last modified (when the most recent version was uploaded)

  • Modified By: auto-populated field which indicates which user uploaded the most recent version of the template