Invoice Delivery Screen

Last Updated: Wed Jul 07 2021

Invoice Delivery is configured in Setup / Finance / Invoicing / Delivery


Invoice delivery options are setup here and selected on bill groups to specify how to deliver invoices to accounts under the bill group. Delivery options include how the invoice is sent to the billing contact, the invoice template (defines branding, layout, content) and other options.


  • Invoice templates are required before invoice deliveries can be configured. A sample invoice template is included with the system

  • Email templates are required if you intend to email invoices to account contacts

Invoice Deliveries Panel

The Invoice Deliveries panel on the left of this screen allows you to select existing deliveries to view and edit on the Edit Invoice Deliveries panel to the right. Actions are also available in this panel which are shown as icons above the Filter text box. The available actions are described below.




Deletes the delivery if not in use (configured on a bill group)

Adds a new invoice delivery

When you select an invoice delivery item in the list additional details will be displayed in the Edit Invoice Delivery panel to the right. These details are explained below.

Edit Invoice Delivery Panel

The information in this panel reflects the currently selected invoice delivery entity. From here you can change delivery details (fields will display a red left border if a value is required and purple text if the field is read-only and cannot be modified).

Invoice Delivery Fields:

  • Name: a unique and descriptive name for the invoice delivery item. Typically, this should summarize the recipients and/or delivery method, e.g. 'Enterprise - Email'

  • Default Account Delivery Type: specifies if invoices will be emailed or delivered by other external means for accounts configured to use the invoice delivery

  • Invoice Template: specifies the template to use when the invoice is rendered. The template will dictate the invoices appearance and content

  • Email Template: this field will appear if the Default Account Delivery Type is set to ‘Email’. In this field you select which email template to use when sending an invoice to the customer by email

Attachments tab

Reports can be attached when emailing invoices to provide the recipient with additional information. This tab allows to you view, add or remove the reports that are attached to the invoice email.

Attached reports can be provided in either CSV or PDF format.

Note: if you wish to include report data within your invoice template you can do so as well/instead of attaching a report. See the Embedded Reports in Templates guide for configuration steps.

Invoice Attachment Prerequisites:

  • Report Type: The type of report available for selection must be of report type Invoice. This is configured when generating and filtering reports based on data sources

  • DataSource: The report must contain either the Invoice or InvoiceItem data source as part of the report to ensure that the data within the report can be filtered based on the same invoice identifier

References tab

This section displays where the selected delivery configuration is used in the system. By default, the reference data is displayed in a summary format to indicate where the delivery is in use, however the Entity drop down field can be used to view the exact system entities that the delivery is configured on.


Adding Invoice Deliveries

  1. Under the Invoice Deliveries heading on the left click the (emoji) icon

  2. Under the Add Invoice Delivery heading on the right specify the delivery details. See the Invoice Delivery screen help for info on the available configuration options

  3. Under the Attachments tab add any reports you wish to deliver with the invoice

  4. Click Save

Editing Invoice Deliveries

  1. Under the Invoice Deliveries heading on the left click the delivery you wish to edit

  2. Under the Edit Invoice Delivery heading on the right modify the delivery details. See the Invoice Delivery screen help for info on the available configuration options

  3. Under the Attachments tab add the reports you wish to deliver with the invoice or remove the existing attached reports

  4. Click Save when finished making changes

Deleting Invoice Deliveries

Note: deliveries that are in use (configured on bill groups/accounts) cannot be deleted. In order to delete an invoice delivery that is in use, first check the References tab to determine which entities are configured to use the delivery you wish to delete and then change the bill group/accounts to use another invoice delivery.

  1. Under the Invoice Deliveries heading on the left select the delivery item you wish to delete

  2. Under the same Invoice Deliveries heading click the (emoji) icon

  3. On the confirmation dialog that appears select Yes