Account Transactions Screen

Last Updated: Wed Apr 19 2023

Account Transactions are viewed in Account / Billing / Transactions


Transactions are debits and credits that impact the account balance and get issued to invoices. From this screen you can view, add, delete and reverse transactions on the selected account. You can also edit the details of transactions that have not yet been billed.

Payments are not shown on the transaction screen. To view and make payments see the Account / Billing / Payments screen.

Transactions Panel

The Transactions panel towards the left of this screen allows you to select existing transactions to view and edit on the Edit Transaction panel to the right. Actions are also available in this panel which are shown as icons above the Filter text box. The available actions are described below.




Adds a tax adjustment

Reverses the selected transaction

Deletes the selected transaction

Adds a new transaction (debit)

Edit Transaction Panel

The information in this panel reflects the currently selected transaction. From here you can view and modify transaction details (fields will display a red left border if a value is required and purple text if the field is read-only and cannot be modified).

Transaction Fields and Options:

  • Date: the date of the transaction

  • Posting Date: the date the transaction was issued from a reporting / financial period standpoint

  • Issued Invoice: auto-populated, read-only field which displays an invoice number if the selected transaction has been issued to an invoice. If the transaction has not been issued to an invoice this field will be empty

  • Account: the account the transaction was applied to. This may be a different account than the account you are viewing if the account the transaction was applied to is setup to invoice its charges to the account you have loaded (for instance a child account may be listed in this field)

  • Quantity: this setting acts as a multiplier so that multiple transactions of the same type/amount can be added at once. The maximum quantity value supported in this field is 10,000

  • Amount: the transaction amount

  • Service: the service the transaction relates to. Taxes applicable to this service will not be added initially but will be added when billing occurs, unless the service selected is setup to be tax exempt

  • Package: auto-populated, read-only field which displays the account-package name when the transaction is added by a bill run. This field will not be populated for manually added transactions

  • Period Start / Period End: allows you to specify the date range that the transaction applies to. E.g. the charge is applicable for services provided from the 1st to the 30th

  • Usage Identifier: auto-populated, read-only field which displays a usage identifier when the service that the transaction relates to is a usage based service

  • Detail: details what the transaction relates to. This will be system defined when the transaction is generated by billing and user defined when a transaction is manually added to the account

Taxes tab

No taxes will appear here for transactions which have not yet been billed.

This tab displays taxes on billed transactions and will display the taxes charged on top of the transaction amount (if any taxes were applicable). The taxes that are charged depend on the service that the transaction relates to.

Discounts tab

This tab will appear for billed transactions and indicate if any discounts were applied to the transaction amount.

Reversals tab

This tab will list reversals applied to the transaction. Multiple reversals may be listed here if the transaction was partially reversed more than once. If the reversal has not yet been billed then you will be able to delete it on this tab.


Adding Transactions

  1. Under the Transactions heading on the left click the (emoji) icon

  2. Under the Add Transaction heading on the right enter the transactions details

  3. Click Save when finished

Editing Transactions

Note: Transactions that have been issued to an invoice cannot be modified.

  1. Under the Transactions heading on the left click the transaction you wish to edit

  2. Under the Edit Transaction heading on the right modify the transaction details

  3. Click Save when finished making changes

Reversing Transactions

Note: Transactions which have not been issued to an invoice cannot be reversed. Non-issued transactions can be deleted however (see the Deleting Transactions guide below).

Note: Real-time usage charges cannot be reversed.

Note: Some transactions can be partially reversed if desired, however transactions cannot be partially reversed if:

  • The account does not receive its own invoice (e.g. it’s a sub-account and its parent account receives the invoice)

  • The transaction is for a manually issued credit or a real time usage charge

  1. Under the Transactions heading on the left select the transaction you wish to reverse

  2. Under the same Transactions heading click the (emoji) icon

  3. Adjust the Date, Posting Date and Detail if desired

  4. Adjust the Amount if you wish to only partially reverse the transaction (note this cannot be done on all accounts and for all transactions, see notes above)

  5. Click Reverse to add the reversal to the transaction

The reversal and its amount will now appear on the Reversals tab when you select the transaction and click on that tab. The new reversal transaction will not be taxed until it is billed. The original transaction amount shown in the list of transactions on the left hand side will not be modified.

Adding Tax Adjustments

Tax Adjustments allow zero dollar transactions to be created with a user defined tax amount. This feature allows tax corrections to be made if previous charges or credits that were incorrectly assessed. Both positive and negative tax adjustments can be made. Like other transactions, tax adjustments can be viewed on the Transactions screen and reversed.

Note: Tax adjustments are not submitted to Avalara. If your version of LogiSense Billing is integrated with Avalara you can use the 'Tax Adjustment Reconciliation' report to reconcile taxes with the compliance reports in the Avalara Communications Customer Portal.

  1. Under the Transactions heading on the left click on the (emoji) icon

  2. In the Add Transaction panel on the right specify the Date and Posting Date the tax adjustment is applicable to

  3. In the Service field begin typing the service that the tax adjustment is for and then select that service

  4. If desired, specify the Period Start and Period End that the tax adjustment applies to

  5. Supply a Detail to indicate what the tax adjustment is for

  6. Under the Tax Adjustments tab click the (emoji) icon next to the tab name

  7. In the Add Tax Rate Adjustment modal type in the name of the Tax Rate and then select it. The Rate field will auto-populate with the tax rate once this is done

  8. In the Amount field specify the amount of the tax adjustment

  9. Click the Add button

  10. To add additional tax adjustments to the same transaction simply click the (emoji) icon next to the tab name again

  11. In the Add Transaction panel click Save

A zero dollar charge with the tax amount specified will be added to the list of account transactions.

Deleting Transactions

Note: Transactions which have been issued to an invoice cannot be deleted. Issued transactions can be reversed however (see the Reversing Transactions instructions).

  1. Under the Transactions heading on the left select the transaction you wish to delete

  2. Under the same Transaction heading click the (emoji) icon

  3. On the confirmation dialog that appears select Yes