Last Updated: Wed Sep 02 2020

The LogiSense billing platform, though a fully capable standalone billing solution, is often used in conjuction with other systems. Often times a change in the billing system requires an external system or person to be notified of the change or of the current state of objects within the platform. Notifications allow details of an event and related information to be sent as either an email or webhook callout to an external system.


LogiSense supports event-based API call outs to other systems via webhooks. A webhook is an HTTPS POST that occurs when an event fires. When subscribing to the event, users can configure the designated URL for the webhook. Using parameters, data about and related to the event can be added to the callout.


LogiSense supports event-based email notifications. Email notifications utilize email templates that are sent when an event fires. The templates can contain tokens that are replaced with actual data from the event. For example, a usage notification may be sent when an account consumes 100% of its data usage for the month. In this case tokens may be used to fill out details such as the amount of usage currently used, the account number, and even the recipient's name.