Last Updated: Thu May 14 2020

LogiSense's data import process includes visual debugging tools to assist you. Using a sample import file it is possible to validate the data from the file and that the mapped LogiSense object is complete.

Input Sample

When a sample file has been uploaded you can view the contents of the file in the UI. All fields are clearly labeled. Each data row is numbered with field data under each label. Any rows that are invalid will be highlighted in red. Any fields that contain an invalid datatype will have red text. This representation allows you to adjust your data profile accordingly.

Target Sample

The target sample allows you to view how the imported data would look in the LogiSense database table. Each column is clearly labeled. Each new row is numbered with field data under each column.

Verify Import Data

LogiSense Billing has a built-in import verification. Simply upload a sample file for the import process and verify import data. This process will verify that the system is able to correctly import the data. A report of any errors will be displayed.