Order Product Service Field Mapping

Last Updated: Mon Apr 05 2021

Order Product Service is a custom object that syncs to the account service once an order is processed within LogiSense Billing.

To configure package frequency to product field mapping:

  1. Navigate to the LogiSense Integration tab

  2. Click on the Order Product Service Extensions button

  3. Click the Add Mapping button

  4. Enter the LogiSense Field value

    1. Value entered in the 'Column Name' field for the custom field on the Account Service entity in LogiSense Billing

    2. This value cannot have spaces and must start with a lowercase letter (Note: even if the Column Name starts with a Capital in the LogiSense Billing UI, the API name will be created with a lowercase character)

  5. Select the Salesforce Field to map to

  6. Continue steps 3-5 above for each field mapping

  7. Click Save