Salesforce Admin Guide

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2021


LogiSense Billing for Salesforce is implemented using an AppExchange Salesforce application which integrates LogiSense with Salesforce to sync the data related to:

  • Products

  • Product Services

  • Accounts and Opportunities

  • Contact Points

  • Contact Types

  • Currencies

  • States and Countries

  • LogiSense Records

  • Rate Groups

  • Rate Plans

  • Charges

  • Services

  • Service Charges

  • Usage Buckets

  • Tenants

  • Orders

Basically the application allows administrators to connect their Salesforce org with LogiSense Billing, pull products and product services from LogiSense Billing, and sell those products to customers in Salesforce. Sales / deal (Opportunity) and customer (Account / Contact) information is in turn pushed back from Salesforce to LogiSense Billing.


The following section allows both LogiSense and Salesforce admins to work independently on setting up their systems. However, there are instances during setup where values must match between both systems.