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Salesforce CPQ/Billing & LogiSense Consumption Drawdown

Salesforce CPQ/Billing Integration

CPQ/Billing and LogiSense Consumption Drawdown

LogiSense offers a powerful Consumption Drawdown pricing model allowing for integration with Salesforce CPQ/Billing to provide advanced usage models to Salesforce users.

Learn about the multiple Salesforce integration capabilities from LogiSense.
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Billing Academy: Billing Platforms 101

The answers to all your questions about what makes a good billing system and helpful guides on how to choose a billing system that is right for you.
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Cisco Replaces Zuora with LogiSense

Cisco desired greater autonomy for go-to-market and product changes as well as better automation and consolidation of invoicing systems.
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Overcoming Subscription Fatigue

Service Providers find themselves struggling to acquire loyal customers. Customer churn remains one of the largest threats to providers as freebies have proven not to be a solution.
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