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Price Books - Managing Location Based Pricing

Price Books - Managing Location Based Pricing

In all markets customers sell services globally. Customers want to track data for these products and services sold around the world holistically, which means allowing the product to be sold in different regions and currencies, at whatever price it should be in those locations.

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Billing Academy: Billing Platforms 101

The answers to all your questions about what makes a good billing system and helpful guides on how to choose a billing system that is right for you.
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Cisco Replaces Zuora with LogiSense

Cisco desired greater autonomy for go-to-market and product changes as well as better automation and consolidation of invoicing systems.
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Overcoming Subscription Fatigue

Service Providers find themselves struggling to acquire loyal customers. Customer churn remains one of the largest threats to providers as freebies have proven not to be a solution.
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