Adding and Disbursing a Credit Example

Last Updated: Thu Feb 25 2021


The Credits screen gives you the ability to issue credits to an account should they be needed. In this example we are going to add a credit and then manually disburse to an existing invoice.

For additional details on the fields presented on the Credits screen see the Account Credits guide.


  • You can issue credits once you have an account set up

Sample Configuration

  1. Log into the LogiSense Billing application

  2. In the search area at the top of the page, set the Search Filter to Account and then enter the name of the account you want to issue a credit to. Select it from the list and then click the arrow button to go to the accounts overview page

  3. Under the Account menu, click on Billing then on the Credits icon

  4. Click the (emoji) icon to add a new Credit

  5. Fill out the required fields (marked with the red left border), and then click the Save button. In this example we will be manually disbursing the credit, so the ‘Automatic Disbursement’ option is not selected

  6. Your new credit will now show in the Credits list. If you need to delete a credit, you can select it from the list and click the (emoji) icon. You can only delete credits that have not been issued (attached to an invoice which is done after billing the account).

  7. The next time the account is billed the credit will be issued to the new invoice. In the image below the Invoice is now referenced on the credit (invoice number 18) after billing has completed

  8. Now you can disburse the credit. Click on the credit in the credit list. At this time the Unpaid Invoices, and Disbursement tabs will be available. Also notice at the bottom the Amount left to disburse is indicated

  9. Click on the invoice in the Unpaid Invoices tab that you want to disburse the credit to. In the Disbursement Amount enter the amount you want to disburse to the invoice. Since the account in this example only has the 1 invoice we will disburse the entire $50 credit to it and click the Save button.


If you click on the Disbursements tab and you will see the $50 credit is now disbursed to invoice 18 and that the Amount left to disburse is 0.

Loading the Invoices screen under the account and looking at invoice 18, you can see the total charge is $140 but the balance is $50 lower at $90 due to the credit.

Lastly, if you need to reverse a credit after the bill run has attached it to an invoice, you can use the (emoji) button on the Credits screen. On the Confirm Reversal screen, click the Reverse button. The reversal will be applied the next time the account is billed resulting in a Reversed Credit transaction on the new invoice which will increase the invoice balance by the amount listed ($50 in this example).