Software System Error

Last Updated: Thu Sep 24 2020

This error indicates something unexpected happened during rating. It may be caused by database connectivity issues or network issues. Reviewing the exception message will reveal more data on the issue and how to resolve it.

Steps to resolve this exception:

  1. On the UDR Exceptions screen select the Software System Error exception type

  2. Select an exception in the list that is relevant to the usage you wish to reprocess and then click the  icon next to the exception

  3. On the Mediated Record Detail modal review the Message to identify the error

  4. Once the issue that caused the exception has been corrected, return to the UDR Exceptions screen, select the Software System Error exception type and Filter the results in the Edit UDR Exceptions panel to indicate what exceptions you wish to reprocess. Filtering is required to indicate which exceptions should be reprocessed, if filtering is not performed no exceptions will be reprocessed

  5. Click on the Reprocess button and on the modal that appears select a time to execute the reprocessing and then click Add

  6. After reprocessing the exceptions will be removed if rating was successful. You can verify the usage that was rated by running the Reports -> Rating & Usage -> UDR History report

  7. If the exceptions remain in the list click the  icon next to an exception and check the 'Last Rating Attempted' field to verify that rating did occur. If rating was attempted at the scheduled reprocessing time and the exception remains then the issue that caused the exception was not resolved. If the 'Last Rating Attempted' date did not change to the time the reprocessing was executed then rating/reprocessing did not execute. In this case contact LogiSense support for assistance in troubleshooting this issue