Last Updated: Thu May 14 2020

Validations ensure the integrity of import data before beginning the import processs. Any field values that fail validation will not be imported and depending on your envelope definition the entire process can be rolled back until the problem is corrected. LogiSense offers two options for validating data - List and Regex.

List Validations

List validations allow you to specify all possible values of a field. If the value is in the list, it is valid. For example, if you sold your products in the USA and Germany you could create a list to check that an import file containing the account address was in the list of possible countries.

Regular Expressions (Regex)

Platform validations allow you to define a validator using regular expressions (regex). Regular expressions differ from list validators in that the data must conform to a strict rule (or series of rules). Since many programming languages provide regex capabilities most developers have experience using them.

Combining Validators

Validations on a field can be combined, for example, a regular expression can be applied to validate that a field contains a specific amount of characters and then it can be compared to a list validator.