Last Updated: Sep 02, 2020

Explore developer content to better understand how to setup your environment for integration and how to use the system APIs and features to achieve your integration goals.

Get started with the basics of authentication, the types of RESTful API calls that can be made and how to test your integrations.


Data Sources

Configure Data Sources to show the columns you desire, group fields and provide filters on billing data. Reuse these data sources in reports and invoice templates.

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Data Imports

Quickly map existing data exports to LogiSense Billing objects to import into the system.

Data Profiles

Create your own reusable Data Profiles to map fields from source formats to internal LogiSense billing objects.

Data Transformations

Utilize built-in transformations  to manipulate source data into the formats needed inside of LogiSense Billing.


DataFlows are a way to organize multiple operations in a single transaction. DataFlows organize a series of calls to create, update, or delete stored data.

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Eventing System

LogiSense's eventing system is an event-driven framework for creating and managing business processes and system integrations. The eventing system and queues use a publish and subscribe model.

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